Monday, June 08, 2009

Bush/Cheney Pushed Torture on DOJ

By Jason Leopold
June 8, 2009

In 2005, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales bent to demands from President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to push through new legal opinions sanctioning harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects, according to e-mails written by then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey.

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Bob Locke said...

Thanks, Jason, as always for continuing to follow through on the delayed release of info. (How long had the NYT been sitting on THESE emails, one wonders.)

Comey was quite the guy. Remember how he had protected the (loathesome) Ashcroft as he lay helpless in his hospital bed in the middle of the night as Alberto Gonzales and (was it David Addington then, too?) tried to bully Ashcroft into a related submission.

I just love this quote about Rice and her ongoing self-justifications at every exposure of her culpability: "Well, maybe somebody somewhere told somebody something about this, but it never reached my ears."

Your quote:
Gonzales “began by saying that Dr. Rice was not interested in discussing details [of the list of torture techniques] and that her attitude was that if DOJ said it was legal and CIA said it was effective, then that ended it, without a need for detailed policy discussion.

This goes hand in hand with Rice's agreement with Nixon that if the President does it, it's not illegal.


Anonymous said...

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