Wednesday, August 05, 2009

GE Muzzles Olbermann about Fox

By Robert Parry
August 5, 2009

The emergence of liberal evening hosts on General Electric’s MSNBC has been welcomed by Democrats and others on the American Left as a counterweight to the right and center-right bias of much of the U.S. news media. But there is a difference between GE testing out whether this lineup will produce a ratings boost and actual independence in journalism.

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Anonymous said...

One wonders whether Mr Parry got this right. See today's Juan Coles' Informed Comment.

Anonymous said...

mr. parry-on keith olbermann's program monday night,mr. olbermann did not let up on his criticism of fox.he indicated that he would continue to do the things he had been doing.he denied the article in the ny times over the weekend.i thought the programs on monday and tuesday(8/3-4/09)were no different from what he had been saying prior to this time.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the writer is behind the times. Perhaps he wrote the piece over the weekend and didn't bother to watch Olbermann's return.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann & Maddow run back to back on MSNBC from 8 to midnight here in St. Pete. But the shows were interrupted all night long Monday night (8/3). His first show was shown without a hitch from 8 to 9, but in middle of Rachels show we were getting CNBC programming for about 15 minutes at a time, then back to Olbermann or Maddow for about 5 minutes, then back to CNBC, which also showed without incident on it's regular channel.

Bright House Cutomer Service (our cable provider) swore up and down it was coming from NBC in NY, but I didn't hear of this happening anywhere else in the country, yet at least.

Later I learned Verizon and Knology's programming was ok in this market, so was BH's HD signal. just regular cable BH was messed with. Maybe it was a local wacko with them and they hushed it up, but no one's mentioned it in local media, which is usually pretty gabby. Dozens of my friends verified it happened to them too and we all complained to BH.

Erik G said...

This seems to be so far behind the times. Olbermann, as evidenced in the Tuesday 8/04/09 edition of Countdown, went after both O'Reilly and Murdoch in the Worst Persons segment. Today's featured Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends for getting her facts wrong about the Cash for Clunkers deal in her home state. Olbermann even said that his reason for not mocking O'Reilly for so long was self-imposed, not from pressure from GE. Because of O'reilly's comments made after the murder of George Tiller, Olbermann said he would no longer give creedence to O'Reilly. But he added that those were his rules and he was within his rights to change his mind at any time.

Looks like the truce is no longer...