Friday, August 07, 2009

Olbermann-O'Reilly 'Truce' Frays

By Robert Parry
August 7, 2009

The agreement between top brass at General Electric and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation – to tamp down the war of words between MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and Fox News star Bill O’Reilly – has broken down after the truce was revealed by the New York Times last weekend.

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Anonymous said...


I enjoy and support your publication but am a bit tired of hearing about Reagan and the Iran/Contra scandal.

The article about Olbermann and O'Reilly digresses into the above-mentioned topic.

Mr. Parry, we get broke the Iran/Contra move on please.


St. Louis, MO

Anonymous said...

Unlike most of the people who are 'following' this story - I listened to the Olbermann comments way back when he decided on this supposed truce.

Olbermann was particularly incensed by another of the usual pile of crap O'Really was spouting and announced that from then on he "would not be discussing Bill-O because he would not dignify him with any more attention" or words to that effect. And from that night on, he did not - much to my relief. (I was tired of hearing about Bill-O!)

Now all this crap of a truce (I don't believe it - even though Keith shut up about it I doubt very seriously that Bill-O did) and all the supposed shenanigans of the head offices at both networks, Keith has said there was no deal (fits with his earlier item on his show), Keith put both Bill-O and Murdoch on Worst because of this phony flap, and then he shut up about Bill-O again.

Quite frankly - I was very surprised to find that you had bought into the Faux Noise spin and lies, and that this story was even worthy of your attention.

If you remember - there was a bunch of phony reporting by Faux Noise claiming that Keith Olbermann was doing something shifty when he had several days off after his mother died. Keith responded, explaining his whereabouts on the days in question. But why this was even necessary is beyond me. The whole thing was another tempest in a teapot ginned up by Faux Noise.

Murdoch and his sycophants at Fox have been proven over and over to be liars - and I trust Keith way more than any of them.

Please don't dignify anything anyone from Fox says because, as the old adage says "how do you tell if anyone of Fox is lying? Their lips are moving."

DeanTaylor said...

Reading Comprehension and Rhonda...

"The article about Olbermann and O'Reilly digresses into the above-mentioned topic" [i.e., the Iran/Contra affair].

If you were actually able to read the ENTIRE argument you would surely have noticed that MORE coverage is given to the biases and news restrictions of the Moon-owned Washington Times than to "Bedtime for Bonzo" Reagan, a/k/a "Ron the Impaler." On that note, and solely for the amount of blood he caused to be spilled in Central America during his regime--and the fact that his "noble" reputation remains largely intact owing to corporate-media deception--would warrant disinterment and the flinging of his corpse into the Potomac.

To illustrate, "Thomas Kunkel, dean of the University of Maryland, College Park's journalism college, wrote in American Journalism Review magazine that the [funeral] coverage 'would have you believe that Reagan was a cross between Abe Lincoln and Mother Teresa, with an overlay of Mister Rogers'" [Wiki].

Fully TWO-THIRDS of the argument was written in APPOSITION to the theme underlying the Olbermann issue, i.e., the inherent corruption of the mainstream, corporate-owned news media. This prescinds from any "reminders" of Parry's investigative journalism.

And, as a general note, comments that smack of apologetics for any one of the last TEN executive regimes--i.e., going back to, and including, Jack Kennedy--are ludicrous. Think.