Sunday, August 02, 2009

Panetta Pleads for No CIA Punishment

By Melvin A. Goodman
August 2, 2009

The ideological partnership between the Washington Post and the Central Intelligence Agency is becoming despicable.

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Anonymous said...

Being a politician FIRST and an

honest human being the

problem... RAPE, MURDER, & TORTURE,

are not like red, green, & navy or

subway, bus, & taxi....

To more accurately more set the

comparison....let's take the

case of getting a car........

You can buy a car, rent a car...or

you can steal a car....You can also

hijack a car...... These "ways" are

different in ways OTHER than POLICY

Two of these "ways" 2 get a car are

"CRIMES" and if your "policy" is to

steal the car, maybe you,if caught,

ought to expect EXPECT to be tried

for the CRIME of stealing a car...

My policy with women is to only

have sex with them by [their]

consent and to use NO force to

coerce that consent..... One can

also DRUG a woman so she loses

control and therefor is easy to

manipulate into sex, or just apply


These may be policy differences..


to FORCE not only a policy

difference, it is a FELONY too...

And in a way, the REASON..rape is

a crime is nearly similar to the

reason that TORTURE is a crime...

We do NOT want OUR women RAPED..

.. we make it a crime to

RAPE ALL women. Will making RAPE a

CRIME stop RAPE ?? No. It will

NOT...... But..... Making RAPE a


the law is ENFORCED... Same for


1stProtestinTheStreet said...

We have heard it said that the proposed probe and special prosecutor being suggested by AG Holder Would be big break from Bush Torture Policy. Oh Please, IT IS NOT !

This trial balloon is designed to try to get away with a very narrowly focused, very limited investigation of only a few criminals who tortured using methods worse than the
ALREADY ILLEGAL Torture Methods Approved In The Torture Memos.

Unless we voters get a complete investigation of all the abuses of power and violations of Federal Laws, Holder's tightly focused, limited investigation of torture that violated the "Bush Cheney Torture Memos" means little or nothing.

The problem here is that Attorney General Holder seems to be leaning toward a very narrow investigation about the "wrong" Torture violations.

SEE our Federal Anti-Torture Law

Holder appears to be saying that the Bush "Torture Memos" have the force of law, that the memos became new torture law and that he only has to prosecute violations which were outside of the Torture allowed by the memos. That is false.

The "Torture Memos" themselves are a criminal conspiracy to evade our Federal Anti-Torture Laws and to render our Federal Torture Law moot.

The Torture Momos were "used to con normally law abiding, patriotic CIA agents and
US Soldiers" into violating our existing Federal Torture Laws.

A presidentially appointed lawyer can't make or change Federal Laws no matter who appoints them. Bush and Cheney attempted to ignore the law and put all who tortured or conspired to torture, even if they meant well (chuckle), at serious risk of prosecution.

We the people have to bring these creeps to justice or this will happen again even when the Democrats are in power (perhaps especially, remember President Johnson and Vietnam and Operation Phoenix, thousands assassinated? The CIA again).

Prosecute all those that tortured in our name, then go after all the other Federal Crimes and violations of our Constitution committed by Bush and Cheney.

both a Commission of Inquiry
and a Special Prosecutor
For All Their Crimes



Anonymous said...

It has been hard for me to understand why the doctrine of moral hazard seems only to apply to the down and out. We have to punish non-violent people who violate drug laws or petty theft laws in order to set an example to keep them and others from doing the same thing in the future.

But when it comes to white collar crimes, even violent and very serious crimes, people are simply given a pass; they are not even asked to confess or promise to mend their ways. Hmm,... this class of people seem to be immune to moral hazard. People in government, most especially, are to be given special treatment in this regard.

Or maybe it is just Republicans. After all, Clinton and more recently, former Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman have been held to an extremely high standard.

Some principles are just very hard to understand.