Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cheney and the Plame-gate Cover-up

By Robert Parry
November 2, 2009

If Dick Cheney is to be believed, he wasn’t very upset that former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson criticized the Bush administration for having “twisted” intelligence to support its false pre-war claim that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was seeking uranium from Africa.

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Gwen said...

In a way, Cheney was telling the truth. Joe Wilson wasn't the primary target - Val's unit at CIA was. Revenge against Joe was entirely secondary. See,

The "outing" of CIA Counter-Proliferation Division (CIA/CPD), where Valerie Plame worked as a Sr. Officer in the Iraq/Iran subject matter areas, predated the outing of Val by over a year.

One must go back to the June 1, 2002 leak by Richard Armitage in Rupert Murdoch's UK Times that CIA had infiltrated AQ Khan's network and was aware that Khan was trading Pakistani nuclear technology for North Korean missile know-how. That effectively tipped-off Khan and his business partners that the jig was up, allowing them to cover their tracks. Armitage's leak also coincided with the phone call the FBI recorded, and Sibel Edmonds translated, of Marc Grossman's telephone call to a Turkish intelligence officer warning Turkey that Val's cover, Brewster Jennings Associates, was actually a CIA front, and not to deal with that unit. That news was swiftly conveyed to the Pakistani ISI.

The outing of Valerie Plame was actually part of the crippling of CIA/CPD because that unit wasn't playing ball with Cheney and the neocons who were trying to falsify intelligence to justify the invasions of Iraq and Iran.
- leveymg

Crede said...

Gwen you nailed it. The Wilson Smear was the Biggest piece of Rovian BS to ever come down the pike. Cheney and Bush committed Treason to take down ethical Plame and her decades old CIA covert front company Brewster-Jennings. Good intelligence is the enemy of war mongers and liars, so the Bush/Cheney Cabal in their insane wisdom took care of Plame and her CIA efforts.

Remember... 'Bad Intelligence' was their scapegoat in all their deceptions. Plame's Op was there to dispute their lies so she had to go, and people died as a result. The Wilson Smear was all smoke and mirrors to offer up some sort of diversion and reason for Treason. Guess who started it? The Whitehouse/Cheney machine.

Sy Hersh was all over the fact that Cheney/Bush needed Plame taken care of so they could lie and war monger at will. They were setting the stage for the Iran invasion at the same time they instigated the Iraq war crime and oil theft. Evil and Smart minds for sure.

The Historians will destroy Cheney and Bush on this one and all the lying and posturing in 'their world' ain't going to change the truth in the real world.