Monday, November 02, 2009

Don't Miss Michael Jackson's 'This is It'

By Lisa Pease
November 2, 2009

Go see “This is It” while you can, even if -- perhaps especially if -- you are not a Michael Jackson fan. Seeing him for yourself allows you to get to know the man, not the media image of him, which is pretty far from the more talented reality.

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janet said...

I went to see "This is It" with a big handful of tissues in my purse. Once the movie started, I could not take my eyes off of the screen. I was uplifted, mesmerized and inspired beyond belief. MJ had so much love, compassion ,dedication and talent that it just flowed out of every pore. I didn't shed a tear. When I returned home, I realized how much Michael loved life. Then I cried.

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt watch it if you paid me. even if i am so sick and tired of seeing nothing but MJ all over the television and internet.. at least hes dead,

Anonymous said...

Have seen the film , and what stands out for me ... beyond the extraordinary mastery of his medium of music and dance and theater, is that he once again bought something entirely new to dance, something not seen on the western stage that I am aware of with maybe the exception of Cirque du Soleil performers .. while he was "marking" his moves he took the signature snap and pop out of his routines and the result was like liquid jazz .. energy just flowed up and down and side to side from joint to joint and you could see maybe for the first time where he could be compared to Astaire's gracefulness. And without the need to project his moves to an audience and the camera working in close you could follow this dancing .... if this had been under other circumstances it would be unobservable.
Followers of MJs art have appreciated for a long time his originality, his precision, his ability to pick up on the movement of others and to give it emotional context in his songs.. but what we haven't seen before is this metamorphosis into a mature dancer where it all comes together into something else entirely. Something unintended ??and perhaps just cast out there to mark a bit of time and space And now it is lost ...that's depressing.
Other than that it was just your average remarkable Michael Jackson extravaganza of music and dance ...even unpolished it was a great concert film.