Friday, November 06, 2009

The Crazy October Surprise Debunking

By Robert Parry
November 6, 2009

Patently absurd reasoning in someone’s argument can often tell you about the strength of the underlying facts. If an argument is deceptive on its face, you might suspect the supporting facts are pretty fragile, too.

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Anonymous said...

"Barcella told me later that he approached Rep. Lee Hamilton, a centrist Democrat who was chairman of the task force, with a request to give the investigators three more months to evaluate the new evidence."

So You don't mean to tell it's the SAME Lee Hamilton co-chair of the 911 commission.?? Isn't he covering up for bush in this matter by omission if not commission??

Robert Perry wrote on 9/11/09 about those who DON"T believe the "official" story of 911',

"But the evidence from the Moussaoui case and other investigations – as well as later admissions by al-Qaeda leaders and the absence of any first-hand witnesses describing the supposed “inside job” collaboration – all tend to support the theory of Bush's incompetence "

Of course you are right, but not because the facts as you present them are true, but because the fix is in, and Lee Hamilton and his proven methods of obfuscation are part of the scam just as much as the phony "Bin Ladens" confessing to the hit...

You need to go back and do more research..... Funny how you never mentioned Hamilton's past complicity in cover-ups in your 911 piece..

What about Sibel Edmonds saying Bin Laden was on thew CIA payroll on 9/10/01..??

Why haven't any of the evidence destroyers of 911 had to face a judge... The Air controller tapes,
the interrogation tapes... 93.!!! of them!!!!! and the way WTC and the Pentagon were NOT treated as a crime scene....NORAD no show and the PROMOTION of all those who did nothing or worse on that day.......


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that roughly 2 weeks before the election (Oct. 19, 1980) there is virtually no good information establishing where vice presidential candidate George H. W. Bush and Reagan/Bush campaign manager William Casey were. It doesn't strike me as credible that they were in the country since so close to an election the campaigning is almost non-stop. Therefore I think they were out of the country. said...

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