Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Finding Vietnam War Positives

By William Blum
November 4, 2009

Not the crazy, hateful right wing, not racist or disrupting public meetings, not demanding birth certificates ... but the respectable right, holding high positions in academia and in every administration, Republican or Democrat, members of the highly esteemed Council on Foreign Relations.

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Anonymous said...

The blog at took on those rewriting Vietnam history.

June 16, 2008 - Lost Battles of the Vietnam War

One theme presented by supporters of the American empire is that the U.S. military is invincible, and that it can never lose unless stabbed in the back by impatient politicians. They claim the U.S. military never lost a battle during the entire Vietnam war. This was disputed by America's most decorated officer of that war, Col. David Hackworth, in his book "About Face." The U.S. military had every advantage over the Vietnamese, yet mistakes were made and small battles lost. Most losses were covered-up, but a quick Internet search provides some examples:

The Battle of Kham Duc - this large Special Forces camp was abandoned as it was overrun, despite reinforcement by an American rifle company.

The Battle of the Slopes - a company of American paratroopers was attacked by a large force and fled, leaving behind wounded. It suffered 76 KIA with two platoons wiped out.

The Battle of Dai Do - A Marine Corps infantry battalion was mauled and forced to retreat during a disorganized attempt to dislodge a large North Vietnamese force near the DMZ. Accounts of this action are hidden within reports of operations in region of Dong Ha.

Ignoring these losses does great disservice to all those brave men who fought and died in these battles, as well as those now dying in Iraq for a lost cause.

libhom said...

This doesn't surprise me at all. The CFR is nutty rightist. The only difference between them and Rush Limbaugh is the way they phrase the same agenda.

Anonymous said...

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