Saturday, March 27, 2010

The GOP's Double Standard on Anger

By Nat Parry
March 27, 2010

In the wake of the bitter health-care debate and some ugly incidents of violence against Democratic members of Congress, there have been some belated – and halfhearted – appeals from Republican leaders to tamp down the fiery rhetoric on the Right.

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Bob said...

In 2000 before the election Limbuagh was preaching that should Bush win
the votes but lose the electoral college they would take to the streets to force Gore to cede the
presidency to Bush. What actually happened was that Cogressional staffers from the Republican party,
including I believe from Boehner's
office staged a successful riot in Miami to stop the recount. Our
Supreme Court and Congressional Representatives received death threats. They picketed the VP's
residence and there was at least an
implied threat to Gore.

All sorts of shadow groups such as the Patriot Warriors pop up and attract extremists some of whom
preach violence. Who finances them is often hidden.

I would argue that much of what goes on from the right and from the actions of the Republican party and its elected representatives follows the formula used by the CIA to
destabilize governments.

Anonymous said...

When all is well and the upper-hand is had, "civility" is always demanded of the opponent.

This vanishes and is forgotten with the vicissitudes of historical change.