Saturday, June 12, 2010

El Paso 'Cat and Mouse' Turns Fatal

By Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss
June 12, 2010

It was a blistering Monday evening in El Paso. The heat had jumped past 95 degrees and it was about to get a lot hotter in this militarized border town, with checkpoints and helicopters flying over head.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the Mexican parents should teach their children not to break the law by coming into the US illegally!
Blame the people breaking the law NOT OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just as soon as this case is investigated, I'd like to hear Calderon speak about his illegals who've killed thousands of Americans. They first invade, then go on to murder, rape, molest children and every crime you can think of aside from the crime of invading, occuping and colonizing our country. Border Patrol Agents have been wounded by the vicious rock throwers and many agents have been killed by the thugs who sneak into our country. How about those, Calderon? We never hear about the illegals who drive drunk and kill/injure our people. I guess it's that usual sense of entitlement you feel. Well, perhaps you need to call your people home and we won't have any problems.

jmaria said...

The militarization of the border it's just going to further complicate this issue of illegal crossings. It means that the border now is a war zone. Anybody deemed an illegal- criminal alien can be shot at without any regard.

It's not through criminalization, demonization, incitement and bigotry that the issue of "illegal immigration" is going to get solved. We need a more humane and realistic approach. One that is directed to the real causes, to the roots of this problem.

Anonymous said...

Its all to do with the war on Drugs.

And stupid people who support it.

Drugs are optional but it seems your body is not really yours.

No it belong to the State & its up to the State to decide to rule on what we inhale & ingest.

Drug War Clock

America can afford to imprison at $45K per year people for having enjoyed their spiritual "high"

Great vote getter for Family Values type Politicians picking on a minority & appealing to the majority .

The rule of the majority over the minority costs the U.S.Taxpayer $45K per year for each human convicted of enjoying their right to a spiritual high..

The vast DEA Network & all the ancillary Police is a vast cancer on American freedom & the Taxpayer
& Family values.

Anonymous said...

All other things aside it is a really bad idea to throw rocks at a person with a gun, especially if there are several rock throwers and only one of the guy with the gun.

The only way that person has to stop being hitting with rocks is to shoot at the rock throwers.

So to crossing our border illegally, these young men added assaulting an officer.