Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama Goes with Neocon Flow on Iran

By Robert Parry
June 10, 2010

Whether wittingly or witlessly, President Barack Obama is pursuing a neocon-charted path on Iran that parallels the one that George W. Bush took to war with Iraq – ratcheting up sanctions against the “enemy,” refusing to tolerate more peaceful options, and swaggering along with the propagandistic tough-guy-ism of the major U.S. news media.

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bbuc said...

Robert et all, do you ever wonder if Obama really has a choice?

We really can't know if he does or not, can we?

rosemerry said...

I can hardly believe the continuing American arrogance in even thinking of deciding, under the thumb of Israel, to attack another Muslim country, an advanced, oil-rich power with a rich history and NO military attacks on anyone for hundreds of years to "finish off their nuclear capacity". Is Iran, like the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria and the Freedom Flotilla crew, meant to accept this unprovoked aggression? What possible justification of "self-defence" can the US give? Israel has just shown its lawlessness once again; Iran, like every other country, wants a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East. Has Obama not got an electorate of 300 million real people, not neocon stooges or Likkud supporters?

jmaria said...

I don't think Mr. Obama has too much of a option regarding the White House Foreign Policy toward the Middle East.Is the neocons and Hillary Clinton who got the reins of it all. In other words Mr. Obama is a powerless guy in the oval office.

Anonymous said...

Why, of all people, does Obama support the apartheid, racist state that is Israel?

Christopher said...

I have studied some history, and have come to the conclusion that most of the wars that have been fought would not have been fought were it not for either or both of two things: overoptimism about the ease and cost of victory, and the tendency of people in high places toward irrational fears. Unfortunately, it is beginning to look like both factors may be present here.

Anonymous said...

Actually Robert, at this point it is more accurate to say that re: Iran Obama is following Clinton's script on Iraq.

Obama is using rhetoric, employing sanctions, and various covert operations that legitimize the neocon position so that with a Republican President, it will only be a slight departure to fabricate a casus belli. Then it's bombs away!

Maybe Obama will let Israel attack Iran, but that would likely only entrench the regime by uniting Iranians against the Israeli/US alliance.

Be afraid if there's a Republican administration. They will quote Obama just like the Neocons quoted Clinton on Iraq.

By cowardly refusing to drastically critique and adjust U.S. policy in the region, Obama is setting the stage for disaster.