Friday, June 11, 2010

Roberts' Court Sinks Campaign Reform

By Michael Winship
June 11, 2010

At a dinner party, an ever-so-proper aristocrat who had been at the British evacuation of Dunkirk 60 years ago, remained tightlipped despite intense questioning from the other guests about what he had seen there. Finally, he shuddered at the memory and exclaimed, "The noise, my dear, and the people!"

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James Young said...

Yeah, that pesky First Amendment....

Nat Parry said...

James, I've read the First Amendment a few times, and I remember the parts about freedom of the press, freedom of asembly, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but I don't recall the part where it says "Congress shall make no law restricting a corporation's right to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns."

If you could send me a link to the version of the First Amendment that you're referring to, I'd appreciate it.

Ethan Allen said...

Nat, My reading of the First Amendment is remarkably similar to yours; I suppose we must assume that "James Young" has been made whole by association with the actual text. So much for the veracity of "strict constructionism."