Monday, June 07, 2010

Terrorism and Israel's Attack at Sea

By Ivan Eland
June 8, 2010

Details of Israel’s attack on the flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza remain in dispute as Israel and other nations negotiate over who will conduct an investigation. But even if Israel’s spin about its attack on the flotilla is accepted, the situation is still fairly damning for Israel.

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Morton Kurzweil said...

Can anyone who has identified Hamas and the Islamic states that promote the destruction of Israel believe that the blockade runner to Gaza was designed for humanitarian purposes? The ship was an advance plan by Turkey, Iran, and Syria for propaganda purposes. The next fleet is being sent by Iran with the threat of naval escort.
If the corruption on these Islamic states is understood as an attempt to revise the Ottoman Empire the purpose and actions become clear. Humanitarianism has never been sign of Islamic dominion unless it is applied to make Islam the law and the excuse for superior authority.

rosemerry said...

Morton would say that. 1. NO-ONE is calling for the destruction of Israel. It is there and will remain. It is the size of it that keeps increasing.
2. there are humanitarians, even Islamic ones and also Christians, Jews ans atheists, who care about the Palestinians and want to rescue them from Israeli illegal cruelty. 3.Of course it is propaganda. Who is the expert on that and owns most of the western world media?
4.What sort of expert are you on islamoc humanity?