Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How US Media Botched Iran's Election

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett
June 17, 2010

Foreign Policy's seven-part series, "Misreading Tehran," is, for the most part, a disappointing example of the phenomenon it purports to explain -- inaccurate interpretations of Iranian politics surrounding the Islamic Republic's June 12, 2009, presidential election. Such misinterpretation has had a deeply corrosive effect on the debate about America's Iran policy.

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Anonymous said...

another shill for the arabs who have tried to finish the job the nazis started... See how long this guy would last under islamic rule.

Anonymous said...

" another shill for the arabs who have tried to finish the job the nazis started..."


Usual Hillbilly post above probably by the type who believed all the lies we were told to invade & destroy Iraq.

It shows a non existent knowledge of Real History but a believer in the hasbara version for beginners.

Iran has a proud history & has not attacked anyone since 1856.

Whereas the rabid Israelis ( 0.1 % of the Worlds population )have the world's 3rd. strongest Military ,WMD's , Nuclear missiles based on land & sea & targeted Worldwide.

Israel has threatened to use their Nukes more than once.

Israel in recent years has Bombed Lebanon back 50 years & Gaza back to the Mud age & killing thousands.

Any factual investigation of the Holohaux is not allowed & we have to accept a Zionist Propaganda version.

As more & more people have come to agree that the definition of a Jewish Holocaust denier is anyone who has studied the WWII Holocaust.

Israel is a rogue state created on myths & fairy tales & the shameful Balfour Declaration.

The fraud of Fairy Tales in "Bibles" written by Jews to glorify themselves & present themselves as superior & chosen all accepted by unsuspecting Christian .

Neocons Americans mainly Jewish have now involved America in wars costing over $3 Trillion , the death of probably 2 Million people , the pollution & destruction of whole countries with Depleted Uranium & NOW these neocons want to involve the World in yet another war against Iran.

Allow me to inform people who have not had time to study history that a clique of American neocons mainly Jews have planned this "War on Islam" for over 30 YEARS.

Islam 25 % of the World's Population may be years behind "the Western World" but should be allowed to live in the manner they choose.

Time for Jews themselves to expose "their lies" & fraud & rejoin the human race ASAP.

More importantly Americans have given Israel over $ 3 Trillion & incurred the humongus debt that will involve GENERATIONS of Americans to pay.

Check out how much your family owes

The clock is ticking while the USA may be circulating the drain.

BTW We also need a real 9/11 investigation.

jmaria said...

I find your story a very reliable piece of information like the ones you've written before for The Times. Unfortunately, that kind of reporting is absent in most of the USA MSM. Where for reasons of ideology, or self interest, columnist like Thomas Friedman and other people like Nazila Fathi and Abbas Milani, find it more appealing to be on the side of the Big Hegemon, thus becoming themselves complicit in the campaign of misinformation and aggression against Iran.