Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Witnesses of Border Killing Dispersed

By Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss
June 15, 2010

At dusk on June 7, Bobbie McDow and her husband were heading south across the busy Paso Del Norte foot-bridge, which connects El Paso, Texas, to Juarez, Mexico. In the sweltering heat, McDow asked her husband if they could pause for a moment so she could catch her breath.

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Anonymous said...

What we are seeing here with the killing of the Mexican teen by the border patrol agent, is the dangerous and criminals implications of the recent approved anti- immigrant law in Arizona. It's going to be far easier now, with the help of government and the corporate media, to profile, criminalize and shot to kill anybody crossing the border, with the argument of protecting our State and the Country from the menace of illegals-aliens who are a threat to our National Security.

We should no forget that Mexico is constantly being regarded as a fail state.

Anonymous said...

Guess why mine is the only dcomment? Because you are fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

Why was this eyewitness walking on the Santa Fe bridge? That is a RR only bridge, there are no pedestrian lanes. Trespassing on RR property is a crime. And this eyewitness is a legal assistant? How did this eyewitness get on the bridge? It is blocked and gated to prevent pedestrians.I find the entire story hard to swallow.