Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Tricky October Surprise Report

By Robert Parry
June 17, 2010

A congressional report on a turning point of modern U.S. political history – whether candidate Ronald Reagan struck a treacherous deal with Iranian radicals to help win the White House in 1980 – was written haphazardly and deceptively, including an apparently false claim that Reagan’s innocence was approved unanimously by a House task force.

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Mike said...

Give it up Parry! You beat this story, and you pathetic career in to the ground and no one believes you!

James Young said...

On the other hand, Mike, those must be some really great drugs he's on.

John said...

Lee Hamilton, truth condom, hit his whitewashing pinnacle as vice-chair of the 9/11 commission.

Anonymous said...

Why - - look who showed up! The two right-wingers from la-la Bush-land... guess the tea-bagger sites were too busy tonight. Thanks for the 2nd grade perspective - -really snarky. By the way, did you guys ever find find those 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq that your boy-blunder W screwed up MASSIVELY on? No? Didn't think so. But don't worry, only 4000+ US soldiers & 1,000,000+ Iraqis have died because of his & Cheney's evil, and YOUR unwavering support. I'm sure they thank you idiots for your Neanderthal views. If you had any consciences you'd be remorseful, but you practicing political sociopaths aren't bothered by that sort of 'morality' stuff.

kjopp said...

Parry, you are the best.
Please keep digging. How about those helicopters
and lives lost, that never seemed quite kosher.
Why no interest in the "missing" briefing book?
Might there have been another country interested in that election, enough to contribute intelligence to
influence the outcome?

Anonymous said...

There are only two parties. The Harlem Globe Trotters (aka Republicans) and the Washington Generals (aka Democrats). We all know the outcome. It is a staged event.
Carter believed in diplomacy and he found out how both enemies, Iranians and Republicans could take advantage of that.

This story was well written and probably true but in the light of universal denial, one can only conclude that the media has far more control than most want to know.
Joseph Goebbels said what we want in an ideal media system is ostensible diversity which conceals an actual uniformity. Well brother we have it in spades.
The meta-issue is in fact the media itself. Own that and you own it all. In a capitalist society, the private sector owns it. In a socialist society, the government owns it. Pick your poison. Each has its own demons. Each has its own merits.
The story of the "October Surprise" is one of those demons.

Here's to your "failed career" Bob. At least you will get to Heaven.

What republicans did was more impeachable than Clinton's dalliances. In fact, it was treasonable. The power of the media is revealed in stark black and white. Two extremes. Hyper coverage of a trivial event and no coverage of an enormous event each leading to enormous political events.
Both ways favored republicans and it was only possible because they are supported by their "King's Crier", the press.

Nothing Carter believed in motivated big oil money men. Nothing he said about conservation or the ecology gave them hope invading Iran would be anything more than a rescue operation, so it failed.

Bob, I'm sure you know but it is a very bad world out there. Filled with greedy people hell bent on amassing as much power as they can by whatever means at their disposal. Ethics, morality, human rights, decency are all weaknesses as far as they are concerned. Useless shackles that prevent them from ruling the world. The only way they pull it off is by controlling the megaphone. They harang the masses with propaganda and disinformation so as to create confusion and create hatred for those who stand opposed. This is why we "hate" liberals. We are fools. Unless you live in the Plutocracy, you are just a Lemming being herded if you believe all the ranting.

10 principles of Fascism:
1. Super patriotism
2. Military is raised to heroic/mythical status
3. Nation believes it is being attacked
4. Religion believes it is being attacked
5. Belief in a divine mission.
6. Powerful use their authority to dictate terms to citizens.
7. Merger of state and corporate power
8. Merger of State and religious power
9. State and private wealth usurp rights of citizens (Take on persona of citizens)
10. Scapegoating of perceived enemies within the society sometimes elevated to ethnic cleansing.

If you identify these in our society, they should be warning signs. Every nation on the face of the planet who has signed on to these things has ended in human suffering, war and destruction of the nation holding those values.

Our founding fathers crafted our Constitution to avoid this fate. I love this Country. We fought the British Monarchy and won. We should all know what despotism and tyranny look like even though we have never lived it.
Trust not the media, big companies or your government. Wherever there is power there is also corruption.
It is only by informing ourselves of the truth and preserving and strengthening our citizen based democracy and exercising our ability to vote that we control our fate. It is the powerful shield our founding fathers granted each and every one of us against tyranny.

Thank you Consortium News for providing that voice of truth in a world of misinformation. May your light shine on until the Supreme Court or Congress makes it so expensive for you to pay the ISPs, you disappear. It'll happen to. They are just that bad.