Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zionism and a Dreamscape of Ghosts

By Phil Rockstroh
June 16, 2010

Although my mother fled Nazi Germany, as a child, on a Kindertransport, with a few family valuables sown into her clothing, and I was brought up on the myths and hagiography of the Zionist state, I, over time, came to recognize the folly of the whole colonialist enterprise — the folly of ethnic exclusion and expulsion, the inherent tragedy of nationalism based on the delusion of religious birthright.

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Anonymous said...

"With much sorrow, I came to the sad realization that the dream of the State of Israel was based on European chauvinism and exceptionalism. This reckoning has been a difficult one for me to bear -- the hardest awakening of my adult life."

Where is the anger at being hijacked by European Askenazis who have shamed respectable Judaism.

Time for regular Jews to awaken themselves from this horror show.

A Jewish Rabbi explains but nobody seems to listen.

1. Over 5 Million Jews are secular.

2 Myths & Fables in Judeo/Christian Scriptures must be exposed.

Israeli archaeologists ( I. Finkelstein, N. Silberman, Z. Hawass, Z. Herzog, W. Denver, et al ) agree that there was no Exodus.

Archeology also shows that the backwater state of Judah in this era had a population of ~5,000 people spread over ~25 villages including Jerusalem.

Jerusalem in that era had no walls, no monumental buildings & its people were mostly illiterate.

There was no Moses, Abraham or covenant or Promised Land, just propaganda created 700 years after the "Moses era" to create a legacy for the benefit of a group based in Jerusalem circa 500 BC.

Also, the same archaeologists now agree that the great United Kingdom of David and Solomon circa 980-930BC is another fairy tale.

Myth & Fable repeated so many times for so many years people believe them.

Now we have a very belligerent Israel with Nuclear Missiles within Israel & on Submarines who knows where ready to call on the "Samson option" that most Jews & others haven't ever heard about.

High time that Jews took account.

Anonymous said...

another arab apologist and self hating jew. Just what the ghosts of nazism want to hear....

Anonymous said...

I've seldom read a worse pile of rubbish.

Loren Franklin said...

I am also Native American/European. I must take issue with your saying that American Indians are stuck in cages in America. That is complete BS. American Indians are free to go wherever they choose in this country or overseas. They are only stuck in reservations if they choose to be there. American Indians have free health care, welfare benefits if they don't feel like working, free college tuition through their tribes, free housing in reservation areas, and many other benefits that the rest of Americans don't get to have. It's time for us with Native American Heritage to move on from the past and quit the pity party mentality. We have just as much responsibility as any other human being to pull ourselves up and make something out of our lives. Those who sit on the res, and drink themselves to death have no one but themselves to blame for their behavior. American Indians are not in the same boat as the Palestinians. They have it one heck of a lot better, and your propaganda doesn't change that fact.