Thursday, August 05, 2010

Accusation of October Surprise Lying

By Robert Parry
August 5, 2010

Lawrence Barcella, who was chief counsel of the October Surprise investigation, has accused me of lying about him when I wrote that he decided to “hide” a report from the Russian government that contradicted his conclusion of “no credible evidence” that Ronald Reagan’s campaign sabotaged President Jimmy Carter’s attempts to free 52 Americans held hostage in Iran in 1980.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a crazy story. I think that the Obama Justice Department should investigate it. Though this is unlikely (especially with DefSec Gates), it seems that only a revelation of this magnitude could provide the shock that this system so desperately needs.

And the October Surprise is so well documented, even with corroboration from people in the administration at the time. (Sigh)

Anonymous said...

Parry 1 Barcella 0.

Charles said...

I believe Robert Parry.

morton Kurzweil said...

That begs the question of what the ladies did or where they did it while the Ladies Room was occupied with cardboard boxes.
Reagan began and ended his Presidency with secret wars covered up by Casey. The Ladies Room was probably used to cover up the smell.

Mike said...

The House report not only concluded there is "no evidence" that Casey participated in meetings in Madrid or Paris, but that calendars, eyewitness accounts, telephone logs and credit card receipts showed that he was in the United States and London at the time of the alleged meetings. Moreover, witnesses, documents and FBI wiretaps indicate that the man Casey allegedly met, Cyrus Hashemi, was in New York and Connecticut when Sick alleges he was in Madrid and Paris.

Richard Brenneke, Oswald Lewinter, Ari Ben-Menashe … you relied on quite the cast of misfits frauds and criminals to spin your yarn and it cost you your career and your credibility.

Anonymous said...

Americans together with agents of a foreign power (Israel)plotted against the President of the USA.

Isn't this treason ???

Oliver North & certain US Military plotted against their country.

Where are the Lawyers & the MSM ??

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, aren't you the guy who periodically stalks Robert Parry on the web? I think I have seen you here before. The October Surprise scandal is well documented by multiple intelligence agencies and people who were in the Reagan administration. I would value their testimony over that of a random stalker/spammer troll.

Ethan Allen said...

Would this happen to be the same Lawrence Barcella who was a member of the Reagan Justice Department during the period he was charged with investigating? The same "patriot" that then passed through the proverbial "revolving door" and became a lobbyist? And, who recently (25 days ago) proclaimed a resounding endorsement of one of his fellow travellers as the new administrator of off-shore drilling in the Interior Department?
Mr. Parry - I'm glad you addressed the comment made by "Mike".
(see )
These cockroaches and their sycophants need to be outed at every opportunity.

Gregory Lynn Kruse said...

It is entirely pitiable that Barcella should justify his nefarious behavior by calling attention to the result of it, that is, wealth and honor, while ridiculing the paucity of Parry's bed. We all make choices in life that we live with ever after, and I would find it easier to live with Parry's choices than Barcella's, Hyde's, or Hamilton's.

Anonymous said...

Most consider the fact that the hostage release occurred on the inauguration day of Reagan, and clandestine meetings of Bush, Gregg, and Allen in France to be sufficient, along with the immeasurable history of Republican dirty tricks, foul deeds, and salient crimes, more than enough to cinch the "October Surprise" issue