Sunday, August 01, 2010

Jesus's Unsettling Lessons for America

By Rev. Howard Bess
August 1, 2010

Typical Christians are very selective in their Bible reading. The parts in which believers find affirmation, they are quick to quote. Bible portions that confront them and their chosen lifestyles are conveniently ignored.

Read on.


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Anonymous said...

Time to wake up .

Even Israeli archaeologists (eg. I. Finkelstein, N. Silberman, Z. Hawass, Z. Herzog, W. Denver, et al) now agree that there was no Exodus, no Joshua invasion, and that the proto-Israelites were native Canaanites living in the highlands of Palestine/Canaan.

So sorry there was NO Moses, Abraham, covenant or Promised Land, just propaganda created 700 years after the "Moses era" to create a legacy for the benefit of a group based in Jerusalem circa 500 BC.

Also, the same archaeologists now agree that the great United Kingdom of David and Solomon circa 980-930BC is a fairy tale.

Zionism has created a fictional history to justify a Jewish colonization of Palestine by ethnically cleansing it of its indigenous population.

So much killing over beliefs in the fairy stories & myths written by "good Jewish copy writers" in about 500 BC.

Then about 800 years later the Romans set up Christianity & the hippy Jesus story.

Please stop the carnage of this latest Crusade against Islam because of Myths & legends.

Anonymous said...

GOTTA LOVE IT... One comment, and it is spam selling probably knock off luxury goods..made in China...????? Oh, not knock-offs, just cheap look alikes, how conforting...

Is this where we are now..?? A well reasoned piece on the essential nature of our motivations, and the only reply is SPAM...???

Thank you Rev. Bess for confirming what I have long suspected... that "our" acquisitive self righteous sense of citizenship has corrupted the very foundation of religious thought and discourse.

"More than half of people who attend services at least once a week -- 54 percent -- said the use of torture against suspected terrorists is "often" or "sometimes" justified. Only 42 percent of people who "seldom or never" go to services agreed, according to the analysis released Wednesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life."

This is another sign of the corruption of America, and as a declining empire, the road ahead is more apt to be war and torture.....of even CHILDREN....

I'm sure that God will see we are doing his work but I'm afraid the popular culture has turned away from the the values Christ preached.

Thank you Reverend Bess for your efforts to show the way..

Anonymous said...

A dire article from Rev. Howard Bess.

"I have concluded that unregulated capitalism is the devil’s workshop"

Capitalism is a road, be it "unregulated" or regulated. All roads lead you to somewhere. You can`t stand still, what would be the point?, it is a road going to somewhere and once on this road you have to keep going.

Capitalism is and always will be based upon one simple premise, all men are not created equal. It follows that...Only the strong survive the weak fall by the wayside. Not what God/Jesus told us they wanted the world to be.

When we had regulated capitalism did we not have wars, hunger, etc,etc,etc.

Rev. Howard Bess is just another right wing supporter who is trying to justify wrong, keep people believing that this evil system will come good in the end.

The road of capitalism leads to a dead end.

strefanash said...

What Mr Bess said about capitalism was perfectly true and valid, but if he makes dichotomies between the teachings of christ on one hand, and His divinity or His sacrifice, on the other, as I have seen him do on other posts, Mr Bess also reads the scriptures selectively.

Take out the atonement and the divinity of Christ and you have nothing but an ideal which will never be adhered to.

Mr Bess is not calling for repentance, for if I understand him aright there is noone to cry to for mercy, and there is no supernatural Spirit Who will lead those who seek him (few though they be) to repent of the very evils Mr Bess decries.

So his fine words are merely words, nothing more