Wednesday, August 04, 2010

George Shultz's Counterfeit 'Coin'

By Robert Parry
August 4, 2010

Official Washington’s favorite quote from the Iran-Contra scandal was from Secretary of State George Shultz who famously assured congressional investigators that “trust is the coin of the realm.” What is never acknowledged is that Shultz's coin was counterfeit, that he then lied through his teeth.

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rosemerry said...

How sad that the 'land of the free" has not the slightest free press, and the sheeple do not realise it. Thanks Robert!!

arthur said...

I recall George Shultz giving an interview early on 9/11/01 , which may be of interest - I have yet to come across it again and haven't been able to locate it at youtube or Google ..

From reported articles , he was one of the first to press for an Iraqi invasion - even before the dust from the towers was settling .

Ethan Allen said...

The belief that there is no adequate media or educational resource, one that is unsullied by revisionist corruption, available to the average citizen is a myth born out of the fundamental failure of the Progressive community to form itself into a viable opposition; which could consolidate and focus its efforts in the common quest for an informed public.
Of course Robert Parry is relentlessly, and accurately, reporting on the corruption and misfeasance that has been endemic in our national government for decades, as are many others; some of whose writings appear on this very venue. Likewise, there are many other individuals and groups that present objective and reliable sources of information. What we lack is a cohesive unity of purpose, a consolidated credible communications vehicle that can distribute these important informations to a world-wide audience.
As a cultural anthropologist, the importance of an accurate understanding of history is certainly not lost on me; however, if we continue to allow present events to be convoluted into revisionist dissembling, and are simply satisfied to busy ourselves unraveling such fictions, we will be condemned to repeating this cycle endlessly, and our protestations will continue to be successfully characterized, by the opposition, merely as repetitious disgruntled platitudes.
While it is indeed true that a honest understanding of the past is necessary to an intelligent resolution to current problems, we must also be able to transcend cynicism and acknowledge those present truths and persons that support our interests in a more perfect future.
So yes, PBS and its "regulator" have been "captured", along with most of the institutions and agencies of our national government; this is old news, a proverbial horse that was beaten to death over a decade ago. If anyone actually wants to do something to address this historical reality, then contact Senator Sheldon Whitehouse or Senator Al Franken; both are doing their best to investigate and correct the "present" problem of the corrupt "capture" of government regulators and agencies by political and corporate interests.

rjnagle said...

Great piece.

Especially enjoyed: "To show examples of these pathetic anti-war lunatics, the PBS program included short clips of actors Martin Sheen and Tim Robbins while Perle did a voice-over that talked about them like a psychiatrist who sadly saw no choice but to sign commitment papers."

PBS is a series of compromises. Sometimes they manage it; sometimes they don't; unfortunately their funding sources sometimes steer coverage;

I'm getting to the point where I think PBS is better off just going to film festivals and choosing the most interesting/controversial documentaries they see instead of trying to commission their own.

On the other hand, Netflix's streaming documentaries are filling that need too.