Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Darker Economic Days Likely Ahead

By Danny Schechter
November 3, 2010

The Election is over. The Dems were thumped. They lost the House, even if they still have the Senate by a hair. Barney Frank will be back but not Alan Grayson or Russ Feingold.

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BARBBF said...

My sister lost $50,000 from her Money Market Account, Daughter lost $39,000 from her IRA, her coworker who had planned to retire lost $90,000 from his and will not retire this year as he had planned. My niece lost her six figure job in NY, and my sister's son-in-law lost his in CA. Both have been unemployed for 10 months. My Daughters' house has decreased in value by $30,000, and the contractor who has been doing our lawn service work for 5 years, has had to let his 3 workers go, has spent all of his savings, and his house is now in foreclosure. So...I doubt if any of them were no longer voting for Democrats because the Democratic president is a Black man. It's not a matter of race. It's the economy.

Anonymous said...

Well, America demanded the Koolaid, so Obama oughtta just let 'em have it. Tell Reid to pass every stupid-ass bill the GOP puts up so he can sign it into law. It's what America demands. Overturn Roe v Wade, privatize Social Security & Medicare, repeal Healthcare Reform, Keep the tax cuts, shut down the EPA, Dept. of Education, Drill on, voucerize public schools, health care. Do it all!! After having already reached the saturation point of stupidity, maybe America will finally wise up a little. Especially after getting exactly what they asked for.

JonnyJames said...

Since our winner-takes-all (fptp) BigMoney, Corporate Media controlled political process is the most expensive public relations management stunt in the history of the world and has very little to do with democracy, this is no surprise.

No matter which of the duopoly Corporate parties is in power, policy shifts rightward, despite the phony rhetoric.

Crudely put, the system was designed by the wealthy ruling class to serve the ruling class. What is a bit different in the case of the USA is that most ordinary folks are unable to recognize who their political enemies are and continue to vote as they are told to by the TV and the two dominant political factions.

What's more, while propagandizing the public, the Corporate Media makes 100s of millions of dollars in ad monies etc.

Democracy Inc. is a great business model, I must say. (borrowed term from Sheldon Wolin)

Or like Chomsky said years ago: it is a sham democracy.