Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Jon Stewart's Movement for Sanity

By Michael Winship
November 2, 2010

Mistakes were made.

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Ethan Allen said...

Yes! We do need to do this more often! And we need to make sure that each subsequent event/rally embraces the principles of sanity and common purpose, improves on our ability to incorporate all the diverse elements of the Progressive community, and employs all 'state of the art' communications technological capabilities.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have provided the voices of reason and sanity with an opportunity to gain the upper hand in the quest to gain the attention of the silent majority; let's not squander it by slipping back into hapless and ineffective complaining about the ills of our society that we all agree must be changed.

Anonymous said...

the very reason the mainstream media ignored/downplayed this rally is because the sheer numbers scared them.....they know they can manipulate the sheep with their biased, twisted, "cut and paste" scare tactics but knew, at some level, there was a voice out there not being heard and it was comprised of intelligent, hard working, free thinking people who have been waiting for the perfect moment to step into the sun....and that moment was 10.30.10...and once we realized how many others like us hide in the shadows, wondering why why why things were going so wrong, it empowered us to act....we have taken the fearmongers arsenal of insanity and crushed it...woodstock goes to washington to reclaim some sane from the insane....