Saturday, November 06, 2010

Zenyatta Races for History

By Lisa Pease
November 6, 2010

The horseracing world is holding its collective breath for a true superstar.

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Anonymous said...

I makes me remember Ruffian and worry for Zenyatta. Ruffian was considered one of the greatest racehorses of all times. When she was set to run against the stallion Kentucky Derby winner, she snapped her foreleg and had to be put down. She is buried on the infield of Belmont Park.

Lisa Pease said...

Ruffian broke down in her race against Foolish Pleasure, a Derby winner. She had just pulled into the lead when she appeared to have been startled by some birds on the track that flew up as she came running toward them. Her leg snapped. They put a cast on her, but when she awoke from anesthesia, she thrashoped about and split the cast open with another hoof, redamaging her already broken leg, and had to be put down. Truly, a tragic story.