Thursday, November 04, 2010

Why JFK Would Disdain Yemen Raid

By Lisa Pease
November 4, 2010

It was rather horrifying to wake to hear that the Obama administration is considering sending hunter-killer teams into Yemen in hopes of seeking out and killing suspected terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Your definitely right. You've correctly interpreted JFK's philosophical view on CIA assassinations in other nations. I suspect Obama could probably learn a lot if he did some reading on the CIA's history.

What Obama Can Learn From JFK

EJK said...

Barack Obama, Wall Street & National Security State bootlicker, is the anti-JFK: a true Profile in Cowardice on all fronts.

rosemerry said...

The link to JFK's speech on the Americas was inspiring; What a different history if his suggestions had ever been implemented- no overthrow of Guatamala's president or Chile's president,no Brazilian dictatorship... Now we have Obama as the only leader welcoming the ousting of Honduras' elected gov't, supporting Colombia and its murderous r├ęgime, building bases close to Venezuela, and trying to return to the days since JFK's assassination to destroy Latin american efforts at installing the people's will.

Vernon Huffman said...

It seems likely to me that JFK was killed by a disgruntled CIA agent he had laid off after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. This points out one of the dangers of dismantling covert operations. Carter also had problems created by covert operatives he laid off. If Obama has any desire to reign these guys in, he must find them something worthwhile, or at least harmless, to do while they remain under his employ.