Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Behind the WikiLeaks' Leak

By Charles Pena
January 19, 2011

The continuing WikiLeaks controversy has focused needed attention on a number of important issues: whether, for example, Julian Assange was justified in releasing classified information in order to make government more accountable, whether the release of the information put U.S. intelligence sources and methods at risk, and whether the legitimate need for secrecy in certain government activities occasionally provides cover for government activities that public officials would have trouble justifying if they took place in the open.

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rosemerry said...

US invasion of countries and influencing so many by bribes and threats is not only resented by Muslims. it is an act of war to behave as the US does, and "terrorism" is the only possible response from a weak adversary. it is vastly overblown by the USA, and the cables are only marginally related to it.