Friday, January 21, 2011

Obama Submits to Israel Lobby

By Lawrence Davidson
January 21, 2011

According to Laura Rozen, a journalist specializing in foreign policy matters and writing in Politico, the Obama administration is seeking "new ideas from outside experts on how to advance the [Israeli-Palestinian] peace process."

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Anonymous said...

The article fails to notice that neither the USA nor Israel are, or ever have been, honest brokers in favour of peace. The USA wants a place to test weaponry, and appease the xtian zionists. Israel wants to ethnically cleanse the territories they've occupied.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here. Obama was chosen, supported and elected by the zionist lobby. That is, for example, why we eneded up with an Israeli soldier from a zionist terrorist family (Rahm Emanuel) as his first "minder".

What we really need to do in the US is begin arresting and trying for treason the israel-firsters like Indyk, Ross, Hadley, Wolfowitz, Liebermann, ....

Anonymous said...

The only voice of sanity and independent thought in lemming America gets but two responses. It's as though "The Israel Lobby and U.S Foreign Policy" was never written.

My suggestion is this. At your next social gathering, (preferably following cocktail hour), ask anyone what relevance freedom of the press represents when 3% of America's population own and control 95% of the media and 100% of the financial system. I so love those blank stares! Save AIPAC questions in case this simplistic fact sinks in.

How sad is it that we have to reply as "Anonymous" when so many have given their lives to protect our "Freedom". Why is it that anyone critical of Zionism is automatically labelled an Anti-Semite? When will the Tea Party, our only hope, see the light?

rosemerry said...

In a democracy, I thought the reps and the President were supposed to be for the population. Any poll shows that the US population is NOT for Israel right or wrong. It does NOT want to pay Israel huge bribes to build WMD and it does NOT want the USA to rule the world. The MSM give completely pro-Israel bias to news, as anonymous 3 has shown. Why is Iran feared by USans? Why are Muslims vilified? Despite this, Mercans want some balance and peace, and jobs at home.

Cal said...

We need an American Lobby, but not one that raises money to buy politicians, one that just votes them out.

Whoever thought that the home of the brave and land of the free would end up the hand puppet of 6 million US Jews and a tiny country smaller than New Jersey.


Farnis said...

What has happened to America who had PRINCIPALS and used to help others in time of need, Nowadays F**K them we have to do what is in our own Interest.
A very old saying is "the people who rule you are a copy of what you really are"
as such we can see the destruction of the VALUES on which AMERICA was founded, the inherent rights given by the Creator of the Worlds to all Human Beings have been shifted to what is good for AMERICA instead what is good for Humanity.
We have to understand that whatever is being done in our name and we do not object to it then we became a party to that and as such should be prepared for the consequences.
How I long for the AMERICA of OLD

Anonymous said...

Once again davidson the self hating Jewish Quisling gives the medievalist arab theocracies a whitewash. If we heeded his B.S. all Jews living in Israel would be dead. Keep the heat on these apologists.

biorabbi said...

The article and most of the comments miss the point.

Obama is not submitting to the Israel Lobby as it appears. He's submitting to the will of the American people. Recent polls show an overwhelming support in our population among democrats(at least half), independents(more so), and republicans.

Forget the whole issue of anti-semitism versus anti-zionism, Christian Zionists, Jews, The Lobby et al. You may not agree with the deep feelings of the American people, but that is who Obama is submitting to. It's a foreign policy metaphor for Obama submitting on the tax cuts for the rich.

Mark @ Israel said...

The Obama administration should really think of new ways to advance the peace process between Israel and Palestine or else Obama's plans will be jeopardized. Since the efforts towards peace in the past have all failed, may the US be able to find something better for peace in the holy land might mean peace for the whole world.