Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One-State Solution to Israel/Palestine?

By Lawrence Davidson
January 26, 2011

When Yasir Arafat took over the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1969, he changed it from a tool of the Egyptian government to a dynamic united front seeking national liberation for the Palestinian people.

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Oso Politico said...

There is another possibility. Under cover of a war with Iran, the Zionists will attempt to expell all Palestinians both from Israel proper and the West Bank.

Anonymous said...

what a joke. The state of Israel was created as a homeland for Jews after the world's ignoring the Holocaust killing 6 million European Jews. Considering the birthrate amongst the Arabs, Israel in a very short time wouldn't exist. Palestinians are Arabs that were purposely not absorbed by other Arab countries after 1948. Israel absorbed all Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries. As usual Davidson in his cushy academic job kisses the medievalist ass of the arab world, by demonizing Israel, while praising the despotic, theocratic arab regiemes.

espada158 said...

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