Friday, January 28, 2011

Reagan-Bush Legacy of Political Abuse

By Michael Winship
January 28, 2011

The Detroit Tigers are retiring the great baseball manager Sparky Anderson's number 11 this season. "It's a wonderful gesture," Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg wrote. "I just wish Sparky could see it."

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rosemerry said...

Michael, I knew nothing of this, and it is really terrible. I find it bad enough that judges are place in power by such blatant partisan methods, especially when a president is as extreme as Bush 1 or 2. To see the unforgivable biased behaviour of Thomas, Scalia and Alito, their contacts and influences, and to think they are the highest judges in the land, and then to think of the effects of "citizens united" on the whole system in the USA, is devastating.