Monday, January 24, 2011

Ted Koppel's Timid Take on Iran-gate

By Robert Parry
January 24, 2011

Ted Koppel, whose broadcasting career got a big boost from the Iranian-hostage crisis in 1980, doesn’t seem aware that the long-running cover-up of how Republicans sabotaged President Jimmy Carter’s negotiations has collapsed – or Koppel may simply prefer to stick with the safer version of the story.

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Brian said...

Thanks so much for getting the truth out about this perfidy. Maybe now you could explain that President Obama was born in Kenya.

clubdancer said...

I remember thinking at the time that Reagan had been incredibly mean to Carter, cutting him completely out of even greeting the returnees. The new guy comes in and the new guy takes full credit. The ever-so-genial Reagan hadn't the simplest decency to include Carter.

I did assume, at the time, that the Iranians had cynically done this at the inauguration to humiliate Carter but that still would have been no excuse for Reagan to be so ungracious. Unless there was something else going on. But at the time I didn't add a 1 to an "x-factor" to get the 2.

Anonymous said...

This has been leading up since long before the towers fell. The Deep State at work, on every level.

Google up Allan Weisbecker's essay on The Deep State. You'll be amazed at what simply paying attention to what the media "has to say" can reveal.

Thanks for this post, ConBlog