Friday, January 28, 2011

Ronald Reagan's 30-Year Time Bombs

By Robert Parry
January 28, 2011

The time element of “30 years” keeps slipping into American official reports and news stories about the origins of crises – the latest in “The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report” – but rarely is the relevance of the three-decade span explained, and there is a reason.

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Herb In Chicago said...

Parry's argument that Reagan and his regime was fundamentally racist is bolstered by one fact Parry failed to mention: Reagan announced his candidacy for president from Philadelphia, Mississippi. That's the city wherein three civil rights workers (2 white, 1 black) where brutally lynched in 1963 for attempting to organize and register to vote rural black Mississipians. From the beginning, then, Reagan sent a very clear signal as to just whose ox would be gored should he become president. Kudos to Mr. Parry for presenting an excellent, clear-eyed, truthful history.

clubdead said...

Thank god some honesty about Reagan. I find it disheartening that so many people can't seem to remember how all this started. How did all those pundits who used to make fun of Reagan for being addle brained and sleeping through his presidency, suddenly find he was a genius. Talk about drinking the kool-aid.

rosemerry said...

As a non-Mercan , I have never understood how ANYONE could consider him great in any way except acting well enough to make people like him personally, and joking to get them to support him (eg his opponents in Congress). I remember the symbolism of removing the solar panels from the White House, the Iran-Contra disgrace, the talk of terrorists and mujahaddin freedom fighters. I really wonder what Mercans learn in the history of their country.

charlie ehlen said...

"saint" Ronnie of Raygun was our very first "acting" president. Excellent article sir, you provide an honest look at the start of the problems we face today. It does start with "saint" Ron. His policies laid the foundation for the majority of the problems we now have.

A Nonny Moose said...

I can still remember my feelings on that 30th of March thirty years ago. It's a sentiment that can't be noised about today, but it involves the sorry state of marksmanship.

Anonymous said...

An actor, deceiver, liar...

6 letters in Ronald
6 letters in Wilson
6 letters in Reagan

Yet those psudo-christian ministers praise him while leading their flocks astray when they visit the ballot box.

How many readers here actually know a Reagan Worshiper who actually helps the poor, the elderly, and the disabled around them?

(Sending checks to overseas missions doesn't count! That money pays for religious conversion...not true "charity")

Point out Revelations Chapter 13 to any Reagan Worshiper and watch them squirm and deny!

henry said...

I don't agree Nixon did not do a good thing creating the EPA he did not do a good thing creating HMO's
Michael Moores "Sicko" had Nixon down for creating HMO's.

There was a State of the Union speech yesterday. What does it mean to my company and my ability to do anything to create jobs ?

larkrise said...

I have been posting wherever I can for 10 years, that the Far Right has a stranglehold on the Media. But, it does no good to rant about it, if no one takes any action! Progressives should have banded together to purchase NBC, when it was up for sale. Where was Soros, and all the wealthy entertainment figures? Where were petitions and action alerts to request donations for such a move? Keith Olbermann was fired; but there were not petitions or action alerts. Who is going to stand up and has enough influence to start a cable channel, like Oprah has done? Gannett buys local newspapers. It purchased the Indianapolis Star. Where are Progressive buyers for newspapers? It appears to me there is a correct assessment of the situation, but no action. I am just a small voice; retired; on a fixed income. But, I know there are very wealthy people out there that support Progressive causes. There are not as many as the Right; but they exist. Start a cable channel. Bring back Keith. Encourage the entertainment figures, who support Progressive causes to make documentaries; to have talk shows; to make some real noise. Enlist cartoonists to make animated programs, spoofing political figures and the hypocrisy in Washington. Enlist Prince Charles to do more environmental documentaries and support his causes. See if Paul Krugman or Juan Cole will do shows. Pull in more of the Progressive Blog writers like Mr. Parry. Enlist Green advertisers. Have fact checkers out the wazoo. Tell the truth. Get the facts out there. Make it entertaining; but honest. Get going. Quite complaining. I will donate what I can. Ask others to do the same. We are losing ground, because we sit on our fannies and do nothing!!!

cemmcs said...

After defeating Ford in 1976, Carter injected more respect for human rights into U.S. foreign policy, a move some scholars believe put an important nail in the coffin of the Soviet Union

What scholars believe that?

West Coast Dude said...

It's no accident that some of Reagan's most fervent supporters were/are fundie Christians. Logic just bounces right off of them when they're defending their pet beliefs.

I had a friend who had to drop out of college after Ronnie cut Federal student aid - can't have an educated middle class for this long-term takeover scam to work, y'know - and no matter what I said, she STILL extolled him as the Greatest President Ever. Unbelieveable.

t33 said...

Years ago I heard that important decisions in Hollywood, the movie capitol of the world, was
owned/run/managed by "important" people of the "Jewish Faith." Being a voracious reader,
I read a novel where a Hollywood star became Governor of California and President of the US.
Skip forward to Ronald Reagan, former Hollywood "B" star becoming Governor of California and
eventually President of the United States. None of this might have a bearing on the following question.

Was Reagan's politics, a swing away from President Jimmy Carter's, planned/manipulated/organized
by (who)?

Did the introduction of John B. Anderson as an independent candidate split the liberal vote? Was
this an "insurance policy" just in case the fiasco in
the rescue attempt was not enough?

Given the increase in population from 1.9 billion people on Earth in 1910 to around 7 billion in 2010,
what are the chances of (what) happening? t33

asd said...

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