Sunday, February 20, 2011

Multiple 'Realities' in the Middle East

By Lawrence Davidson
February 20, 2011

The inspiring moments when President Obama appeared before the cameras, and thus the world, to declare that the dictator Hosni Mubarak must step down and the people of Egypt must be given the inalienable right to self-determination are now in the past.

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Anonymous said...

One of Davidson's most antisemitic rants yet.... that cushy academic job has really gone to his head!

chmoore said...

Let me guess, all those cosponsers and UN Security Coucil members who supported the UN resolution - anti-semitic?

I seems to me that, in a broader definition of semitic - as applied to the peoples of the region - the argument could be made that the fanatically Zionist Likud party is in a sense anti-semitic.

In their lust for dominant authoritarian control, they have mis-interpreted the "promised land" as meaning that God is their personal real estate broker, to the exclusion of anyone who's different - which is the antithesis of their own theology.

They have forgotten their own history, such as it says in Vayiqra/Leviticus - "The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the LORD your God."

Peter Loeb said...


Quite often in human history one
group will define itself as
inherently and divinely superior.
It may be more powerful but is
also driven by its belief in its
inherited supremacy.

Any "others" in the way are defined
as "subhuman", "uncivilized".
Those who are settling claim
a sacred right to de-humanize
"othgers" in their way.

So it was with the settlers from
England, "Israelites", "Saints"
and "Christians" in the early
17th century. They slaughtered Native Americans, destroyed their homes, their lands. Those females that were not captured could be
lasooed in a game of sport before
their rape, warriors were castrated
in public (as a "deterrent"?).

The "others", the "uncivilized",
un-Christian savages could be removed or exterminated.

If these "subhumans" fled to another nation, they could be slaughtered anyway, even with no "declaration of war". John Quincy Adams,then Secretary of State to President James Monroe, wrote an explanation for agression without the involvement of any congressional declaration. One of his prime reasons was "self-defense". Andrew Jackson after taking over Florida by force became a national hero in the USA.

Along with these actions, propa-
ganda was needed in order to
"live in furnished souls": many examples were produced. Daniel Boone was made a legend as he left Quaker roots to become "The First Hunter" and courageously "cleared" lands for the superior race. To "clear" the land of "uncivilized"and "savage" Native
Americans and take their lands,
destroy their homes. In fact,
Daniel Boone was a land speculator
under contract to THE TRANSYLVANIA
COMPANY in 1775 but that is not
a tale which inspires the superior race.

To "live in furnished souls" ( e e
cummings, 1923) requires myth.

Little is clarified by references
to Jewish belief or history. The
"father" of Zionism was a Hungarian
utopian, 1860-1904. Despite
living in an Empire rife with
anti-semitism (A. Hitler was born
there and learned much),
the Jewish community was not at
the time overly enthusiastic about
Mr. Theodor Herzl's zionism.

These patterns with variations go
beyond current crises. They
go beyond "semitism" or "anti-

In my opinion, zionism as a foundation of the settlement of Jews in Palestine has an umbilical
relationship to "manifest destiny"
beliefs the US. Depending on the
depth of your analysis, such views
can also be found in The Crusades
and elsewhere.

Peter Loeb

Anonymous said...

Loeb is completely dellusional. Germany, a civilized Christian country allowed itself to self destruct, be directly responsible for the death of 50 million people including 6 million Jews. No country including the US wanted them period. To equate Zionism with quasi Nazi idealogy is antisemitic. Loeb and other apologists for Arab propaganda conviently forget that this small group of death camp survivors had to fight off every neighboring Arab country after Israel declared itself a state. As I've said to Davidson and others, go live in those states, see how long you'd survive there.