Saturday, February 26, 2011

Professor Maguire Criticizes UN Veto

By Daniel C. Maguire
February 26, 2011

Dear Dr. Rice, A criticism and a comment: "Settlement" is, as you know, a euphemism for expropriation of Palestinian property.

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Fivish said...

The 'Professor' is just an anti-semite who hates the very idea of a Jewish state. No matter how legitimate the Jewish state is he would deny its right to exist and use the Arabs as a tool for its destruction. The UN should not allow such resolutions to be placed as they contradict its charter, article 80. The 'Professor' should be sacked. Young minds should not be filled with his hatred.

francine said...

I agree with Fivish. Parry, Davidson, et al can all go live in those wonderful medievalist islamic paradises!