Friday, February 25, 2011

Political Upheaval and Women's Rights

By William John Cox
February 25, 2011

As the youth-led Freedom Movement of 2011 spreads rapidly across the Middle East, one can only wonder what would be happening in Iraq today if the U.S. had not invaded eight years ago.

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rosemerry said...

Thanks for an intersting post.I think you will find the number of deaths in Iraq since the US invasion is ten times your stated number of 100 000. I also think the fear of "Islamists" taking over Tunisia is overstated, and comparison with Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq is not valid. The US influence on all three was far more than in N Africa.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, here in the US, Wisconsin Gov. Walker makes war on some of the public employee unions (teachers, for instance), while exempting other public employee unions (fire fighters and police). Has anyone noticed that it seems like the ones he's making war on are more likely to be dominated by women than are the ones he's exempting?

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