Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Standing Up to War and Hillary Clinton

By Ray McGovern
February 23, 2011

It was not until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton walked to the George Washington University podium last week to enthusiastic applause that I decided I had to dissociate myself from the obsequious adulation of a person responsible for so much death, suffering and destruction.

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Anonymous said...

When She spoke of Goverment disconnecting the citezens ability to communicate with each other and the press ability to communicate with the citezens did she start to smile and glow?

Anonymous said...

I love Ray's analysis for the most part, but I always fail to see analogy between Vietnam and Iraq-Afghan. Vietnam was a deadly war with 26 deaths/day that killed 58,000 "Americans" during 10 years, or 0.03% of the population. By contrast, in Iraq-Afghan the death rate dropped 2 deaths/day killing "only" 5400+ Americans in 9 years, or 0.00002% of the population. This War on Terror (a.k.a. Muslims) is highly efficient compared to Vietnam.

Now, I am in my 30s with no war experience. But, my guess is that during Vietnam, more people knew personally those soldiers who went to war died, which made Vietnam real. For me, war on terror is fake (and of course, the premise was fake to begin with).

jimwild1954 said...

You are a good man. You are a brave man. You are right and your reward will come to you in time. You have my admiration and my respect for your actions and your words of wisdom. You know Who loves you.
I dislike that I need to point out to the second anonymous that the deaths of Afghanis should never be termed efficient and the analogy is that both wars were unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Yes Ray.... Yes here...!! Thank you for your endless bravery on my [our] behalh...!!!

I'm here on Martha's Vineyard. Hillary and Bill do spend time here... When Hillary began her presidentual run, she and Bill came [up] here fo a $5O.OO a person appearence at the Methodist Tabernackle. The way the event was arranged, one would have thought them[Bill & Hill]2B our American Royal Family.... First Hill, then Bill just droned on & on about this [bull] and that... No real content..!! But the real shocker, NO QUESTIONS.... No questions about how to proceed... They knew BEST and did NOT need or WANT any imput from those of US [peasants] assembled... The Hillary woman is a Zionist ROBOT... Beware...!!!

Dave-O said...

The goon that manhandled you should be charged with assault. The people (Obama) who allow this type of totalitarian behavior are not fit to serve the country.

The Clinton's are self center money grubbing sold their souls criminals that should be arrested for crimes against America. I figure that one out way back in the eighties.

War against terror has made a lot of political people in America world wide War Criminals.

Anna said...

Ray, thank you. I've been reading articles on this site for a long time and while many have moved me none have brought me to tears as this has. Tears for the country I was taught to love as a child. Tears for how we've been misled. Tears for those who would rather not see. Tears for those who do see.

During the Vietnam era it seemed to me that there was more honesty. We could and did protest (even I did, though I was only a young teen.) Now I feel that I am surrounded by a barrier of lies- a brick wall of lies.

I applaud your actions. It is time to let go of fear and to step out- to learn bravery, to turn our backs on war.

Ethan Allen said...

While the duplicity of the Clintons is, by their deeds, fraught with interesting distractions that any honest and reasonable patriot should deplore, it is by no account a recently discovered phenomenon within the inner ranks of informed political discourse.
This recent epiphany, ostensibly caused by said "obsequious adulation" of Lady Clinton, while somewhat tardy in manifesting itself, is none-the-less a positive turn; punctuated and branded into memory, as you have related, by the hypocritical and callus indifference to violent treatment of peaceful acts of citizen dissent. Wear your scars as badges of honor good sir, and may you abide by their counsel when considering future fealty to past oaths to our common Constitution.


Ray McGovern is a brave man, full of noble intentions. But it is unfair to put the full responsibility of the Middle East conflicts on the back of Hillary Clinton. No doubt, she uses problems and decisions for her own political ends. But so does every politician. The Middle East conflicts existed well before Clinton appeared on the stage, and will continue once she's gone. And it is not legitimate to compare the Vietnam war to the current chaos involving a much more complex set of players — all the Middle East countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Islamic extremism, and Al Qaeda. Without mentioning the Maghreb countries which are now entering the game, making it even more volatile and explosive.
It is noble and laudable to take a stand against war, and hope for an end to all wars. But this seems to be an unrealizable dream. The historical record of the human species is against it, and it can be argued that the human world is entering a zone of increased instability that will make wars even more likely in the future, and more violent, however much we may invoke the support of "Jesus our Lord".

Anonymous said...

I may sound politically incorrect, but women in politics have always been hawkish and unjust. Take Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Angela Merkel, Rice, Clinton, Albright. All of them were and are ruthless. They have to project their manliness and for that so what if hundreds of thousands die.