Friday, March 04, 2011

Army's Mafia Abuse of Pvt. Manning

By Ray McGovern
March 4, 2011

Is the U.S. Army stooping to Mafia-style tactics in seeking to imprison 23-year-old Private Bradley Manning for the rest of his life, essentially making him an example for other U.S. soldiers who might be tempted to put conscience and commitment to truth ahead of military discipline and going by the book?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for truth telling Ray.

Michael Perry said...

Not just the US military either Ray. Omerta has been the guiding principle of the media also. "Don't snitch, don't inform" must be a difficult rule to follow if your job is supposed to be journalism, but somehow this sorry crew have managed to do just this. I watched the Doha debate today on the Real News and lo and behold, Carl Ford was arguing AGAINST the work of WikiLeaks. My jaw dropped when he claimed that Iraq was just an honest mistake; bad intelligence. This is the man who had the integrity to defend his own staff against Bolton's thuggy forays into the State Dept's intelligence division leading up to the war. What has happened to him? Your presence at the debate was sorely missed.

Gabriel Sierra said...

If Manning had a concience, he would not have get into the Army in the first place. The piece that is missing in this puzzle is if Assange gave him money for the leak. I don't believe Manning did this on concience alone. I think this is the info the prosecutors are trying to pry from him. One point, he should not have access to the info in the first place, so the state is also guilty. He must do time in prison, but not for life.

Anonymous said...

pvt Manning had other options he should have taken the issue up the chain of command not just released state secrets to the public! War has never been a pretty thing and the is no way to sugar coat it.

tlh said...

Why are theArmed Services, particularly the Army and Marines, not doing anything to support, defend andprotect Pvt. Manning?
Are gone the days of standing up for your fellow countrymen in times of need?

rosemerry said...

Chain of command? Sorry,anonymous, it is probably one of the torture instruments.

Manning is held in grossly humiliating conditions because of what he is to be charged with, according to Spentagon Pokesman Morrell. Legally innocent until proven guilty? What wonderful values the US military is serving in its spreading of democracy around the globe. Luckily they are still carrying out humanitarian interventions as well.

rosemerry said...

Gabriel, there are still some idealistic young people who have managed to enter the Army for good reasons. I doubt there was any money exchanged, and Assange claims to have no knowledge of Manning before he was found out and arrested.
Of course, the whole secrecy thing is the fault of the governments, not of the person who was able to get access to documents. If you do not want to be found out, you are responsible for guarding the confidentiality.