Saturday, March 05, 2011

Criminalizing the Truth-Tellers

By Lawrence Davidson
March 5, 2011

There is no doubt that Julian Assange, the head of the WikiLeaks organization, and Bradley Manning, the soldier who allegedly leaked U.S. classified documents, are being singled out and made examples of by the Obama administration.

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Peter Loeb said...


It is not a given that there is
a "democratic" society in the US,
but we have something we call
by that name.

The efforts of the media together
with other forces Noam Chomsky
calls THOUGHT CONTROL. Chomsky
has written on this extensively
in many works.

writes on page 6 as follows:

"The concept of thought control
in democratic societies --- or for
that matter, the structuring of
options by hierarchic and coercive
private institutions--- seems
contradictory on its face.

A society is democratic to the
extent that its citizens play a
meaningful role in managing public

If their thought is controlled, or
their options are narrowly
restricted, then evidently they
are not playing a meaningful role:
only the controllers, and those
they serv e, are doing so...

The rest is sham, formal motions
without meaning..."

The US claims (endlessly) that
it is democratic and promotes
"democracy" abroad only if the
and its allies win.

The uncovering of any other
outcomes which do not fit the
myths we wish to create are
considered criminal.

Julian Assange is only one
example of one who uncovers.

Already known are many other
examples from events today
as well as in the past.

Uncovering the development and
uses of torture, of covert
actions, of our conduct in
wars, of our so-called "diplomacy"
is always unpleasant.

One may go on a date but reading
of the lurid details in the
paper the next day is not

All uncoverings do not warrant your
attention ---or mine.

Besides, we all know deep down
that we have ourselves participated
in coverups.

But here's to the Julian Assanges
of this world and to others who
have dared to enable us to see
if we only have the nerve to look.