Friday, March 04, 2011

Bush's Interrogators Stressed Nudity

By Robert Parry
March 4, 2011 (Originally published September 12, 2009)

The CIA shared with George W. Bush’s Justice Department the details of how an interrogation strategy – with an emphasis on forced nudity and physical abuse – could train prisoners in “learned helplessness” and demonstrate “the complete control of Americans.”

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rosemerry said...

I just cannot understand 1. how professional soldiers can treat SUSPECTS in this way for any reason 2. how even the Bush administration could approve it 3. how Obama could refuse to prosecute obvious human rights abusers, unless he intended to follow in their footsteps.

Anonymous said...

I understand perfectly, and why should there be any surprise whatsoever that "even the Bush administration could approve it"? Bush/Cheney were masters at power grabbing and exercising power and heavy-handed tactics. Obama HAS followed in their footsteps for reasons we don't know ... either because he sold us a good story, or because he fears for his life. We can only guess what happened during his private talk at the White House before Bush left office. My guess is it had much to do with the illegal wars and being in bed with the oil companies, Wall Street, the Fed and the big banks, as well as the military industrial complex and big business and insurance. I feel betrayed by my own President and my party. I believe they have become complicit in the coverup of 9/11, where it all leads back to and which is why they seemingly MUST take such violent measures to protect themselves.