Thursday, March 03, 2011

US Austerity Marks Race to the Bottom

By Kevin Zeese
March 3, 2011

The race to the bottom has picked up its pace.

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Peter Loeb said...


There is a persistent tendency to
consider recent events as "new".
They are often neither "new" nor

In 1950 there was an extensive
and thorough report to the President advocating among other

1.a call for sacrifice and discipline

2.a cutback in social programs

3. vast increases in military
investmentand "foreign assistance".
("Military Keynsianism")

4. reductions in Federal expendituresfor purposes other than defense and "foreign assistance"

and more...

This statement was signed by President Harry Teruman in April,

The above is abbreviated,of course, and from secondary sources.
The original was declassified after 25 years but is difficult if not impossible to come by.

My father worked for Harry Truman
in the White House then (minor post), signed a "loyalty oath" and so forth.Details were never discussed at home (I was a child then) nor was my father's "education" at the CIA's "School of the Americas" in Panama ever mentioned.