Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama Lacks Clarity on Afghan War

By Ray McGovern
March 28, 2011

“Let me be clear,” President Barack Obama is fond of saying – and his desire was on full display two years ago when he announced a “comprehensive, new strategy” for the war in Afghanistan.

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rosemerry said...

It is so depressing that the USA is so hyped on war, and claims that terrorism is the main threat to it and the world. It is obvious that the attack on Aghanistan was planned well ahead of 9/11, and that oil is high on the priority list of the USA. The "leaders" refuse to believe in the reality of global warming, so want to dominate the planet's oil supplies and continue to waste and destroy, avoiding peace at all costs. Terrorism is the new communism-like Israel, USA needs enemies, and finds or makes them wherever it can.