Friday, April 01, 2011

The Looming Government Shutdown

By Danny Schechter
April 1, 2011

Forget Libya. The real bombing is not underway there. Pay less attention to Pakistan. The drone attacks there pale in comparison.

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rosemerry said...

Once someone like spineless Obama gives in on several issues, cowers to Israel, gives in to every demand of the Repugs and ignores all the millions who voted for him,does all he can to help the already rich and powerful he may as well give up; I suppose he has. The complete brainlessness and lack of any fairness or compassion by the "christian" and "moralist" representatives is to me incomprehensible. Mercan individualism has gone fully wild.

Tracy Istas said...

Call me petty (and off topic, but as a volunteer for the Salvation Army I am forced to respond. Really Mr Schechter, "the flabby do-gooders of the Salvation Army...compromising and colluding with whomever"? Why the attack on a noble and well regarded service organization? Call the Democrats in Congress whatever vile names you want (they certainly are pitiful), but please lay off S.A. When your life is destroyed and you need a hand on the path to recovery, the Salvation Army will be there to help. It's tragic that we can't say the same of our elected representatives, of either party.

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