Saturday, April 02, 2011

'Free-Marketeers' Target Labor Unions

By Michael Winship
April 2, 2011

There’s a joke making the rounds and it goes like this: Big Business, a Tea Partier and Organized Labor are sitting around a table. A dozen cookies arrive on a plate. Big Business takes eleven of them and says to the Tea Partier, "Pssst! That union guy is trying to steal your cookie!"

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rosemerry said...

What did happen to EFCA? I really think the Mercan problem is the emphasis on individualism . Nobody is expected to help anyone else. Fidel Castro said recently that US citizens think peace, health care, solidarity... are communist ideas. That is how it seems to me (I live in France, unfortunately more American by the day, but still retaining a few shreds of help to those in need).

James Young said...

Only in the cloudcuckooland of the far Left could legislation which removes the special PRIVILEGE of giving labor unions a PREFERRED place at the table in the debate over scarce public resources, and removes the PRIVILEGE of forcing unwilling employees to subsidize their activities, be deemed "anti-union."

More accurately, "pro-equal protection" and "pro-freedom."

Anonymous said...

The issue of gov't unions has absolutely nothing to do with capitalism. It is an issue about illusionary entitlement and affordability. I as an equal shareholder in my government can no longer afford to purchase unionized services. When you hire someone in your neighborhood to cut the grass or clean the gutters or babysit the kids or shovel the sidewalk or paint the house or put on a new roof or build a fence, I'll bet they aren't in a union. So tell me why I am forced to use unionized labor for the rest of the services I need to go about my daily life? You are not entitled to a gov't job. If you don't like the pay, go work for the private sector. By the way, it's not about the pay, it's about the benefits! I can not afford to provide hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to give a pension and lifetime medical benefits to someone that is cutting the grass on the side of the highway with full retirement at the age of 48. I'm working until 70 with no benefits to pay for it! Thank you very much!