Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gaddafi Regime Warns of Wider War

By Morgan Strong
April 26, 2011

The introduction of NATO ground forces into Libya would be met by additional African and Moslem volunteers joining Libyan forces, according to sources close to Col. Muammar Gaddafi, who add that NATO’s targeting of government officials could provoke retaliation against Western leaders.

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rosemerry said...

You mention plenty of unsavory projects given support by Gaddafi (nowhere near the number the USA supports, of course). However, you neglect the huge pan-African communication system and many other projects using Libya's oil money to help other Africans. This money is now "frozen". Who will benefit? US interests. "Mercenaries" is a loaded word. How would the US military survive without them? Libya had millions of foreign workers, now pushed out.

Anonymous said...

What a hatchet job on Gafaffi.

The US/Israel (CIA/ Mossad) have trained snipers & rebels & sent them back to Libya , Syria & Iran & other place.

The US media of course is involved in promoting the actions of these CIA killers as freedom fighters or rebels.


CIA-supported snipers ?


This has been reported in some foreign press but NEVER in the Western MSM.

The US still believes Muslims did 9/11.

The US Public was "dumbed down on Iraq" & now dumbed down on Libya & Iran & Syria.