Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trying 'Shock and Awe' in Libya

By Robert Parry
April 27, 2011

Having laughed off Libyan government peace feelers, Official Washington is now beating the drum for a new round of “shock and awe” bombings and close-combat air strikes to “finish the job” of ousting Col. Muammar Gaddafi.

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Peter Loeb said...


The nature of NATO's "real goal"
anywhere (in this column limited
to Lybya only) was addressed
on several occasions in earlier
responses of mine here in

As a basic analysis I refer
all readers to an easy-to-read
paperback by historian Gabriel
of the American Century, Pluto
Press, 2009, Chapter 3, "Alliances
and NATO" pp.66-85.

Based on Kolko's insights the
quintessential structure of NATO
transcendends more recent
developments and administrations
going back to the Clinton

"In the late 1990's the Clinton
Administration indicated that
'NATO could become a relic' if
the Europeans created a military
organization of their own whose
decisions America could not
control." (Kolko, op cit p. 67)

To this the Bush Administration
"After September 11... told its
European Allies that while they
could supply soldiers the US alone
would decide how and where they
would be used." (Kolko, op cit

NATO is not bound by any UN law
or international regulation under
the UN whatsoever. The use of
NATO given this reality should
be precluded under the UN in
all cases.

It represents a conflict of interest by the UN.


rosemerry said...

NATO had no place once the USSR and the Warsaw Pact had gone, and gave itself a new job of taking over the world for US interests. Serbia was demonised, the UN was ignored, an impossible plan was given to Milosovic for a complete loss of Yugoslavian sovereignty, and Albright insisted on bombing. If this is a model, God help us all.

Anonymous said...

CIA-supported snipers in Libya , perhaps in Syria & perhaps elsewhere.?

Libya & the Killing Fields of Misurata

German journalists reveal that the shooting of civilians in Misurata are from CIA-supported snipers.

Mathaba reported in the first hours of the Benghazi "uprising" that the anger there erupted from snipers, which we now know were CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/EU intel ops shooting civilians in the head..

CIA-supported snipers ?


Libya: Fact and fiction

mario said...

It's amazing the Americans lust for blood: Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan and now Libya are just the clearest example of America disregard for human life and the principles of enlightened democracy that so eagerly parrot around the world as a unique western value.

Ethan Allen said...

As Progressives, we really need to get past the endless droning and repetition of what we know to be true regarding these matters; rather it is harping about the corrupt synergy between the corporate media, neoconservative and neoliberal politicians, and war for profit laissez faire capitalists; or feckless expressions of outrage regarding the continuously failed results of these corrupted alliances. We are not discovering any new prolific truths by repeating that which we already understand, and we are certainly not making progress towards resolving any of the core issues while we chirp away allowing the topic of debate, not to mention the national agenda, to be determined by the very miscreants we portend to oppose and expose.

rosie said...

What a mockery it makes of the so-called 'war on terror'.
First of all the US creates the taliban and uses islamic fundamentalist terrorists to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan.
They create the KLA in Albania actually with Osama Bin Laden himself,then a CIA asset if not still - reliably reported there with CIA and british and German Intel.
They turn NATO into the air arm of the islamic terror group, the KLA, and bomb a defenseless christian nation, Serbia for 78 days and nights, 'bombing it back to the stoneage' to quote Wesley 'WACO' Clark - who commanded it.
Now in Libya we have NATO being turned into the air arm for what are now known to be AL Qaeda rebels.
Isn't it about time soome damning questions are asked about just who is creating, funding and directing 'islamic' terror.
Americans you are being had, frightened and terrorised by your own government on a lie.