Monday, April 25, 2011

Republicans Embrace 'Greedy Geezers'

By Robert Parry
April 25, 2011

The Republicans are making a cynical bet that Americans over 55 really are the “greedy geezers” of conservative ideology, people who care only for themselves and not for their children and subsequent generations.

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James Young said...

And who says we can't learn anything from Democrats?

rosemerry said...

The whole idea of the market and its magical powers has been pushed onto everyone the USA takes over, destroying all of Russia and central European lands, taking much more money to provide "services" and profits to corporations, with huge wasteful administration. Instead of learning, they want more of the same. Why not have drafting of anyone poor, into the military up to age 80 and ensure that IEDs and other cheap gadgets kill the old before they cost anything to the insurers? Sounds like the Mercan way.

ChMoore said...

"...savings...would be derived from the shortfalls..."
"So, the obvious result of Ryan’s plan would be that many Americans who are now under 55 would die prematurely..."
which equals = let me guess, even more savings?
And what exactly would we save at what cost?