Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giving War a Chance

By Robert Parry
April 21, 2011

NATO’s one-month intervention in the Libyan civil war has demonstrated that – whether the West likes it or not – Col. Muammar Gaddafi retains significant political support in parts of the country and that a peace deal with him may be the only way to achieve the stated goal of saving civilian lives.

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rosemerry said...

"Another old Israeli nemesis is Gaddafi, who supported Palestinian violent resistance to Israel in past decades."
Not quite as violent as the US-supplied IDF arsenal.
To a normal human, the WPost sugestion that Israel could never be expected to make the "concession" of stopping the continual takeover of the pathetically small amount of remaining Palestinian land in Jerusalem, an international 3-faith city,and the Palestinians are therefore at fault, is incredible.
Do none of the MSM ever take a real point of view not fully Zionist approved? How can people get to judge? Why does the US keep invading Arab countries, just to protect a criminal state?

Anonymous said...

rosemerry says it like it is.

These Askenazi Jews who control Israel & the US are amazing people.

They are from Eastern Europe & have NO connection with the Middle East.

0.2 % of the World's population with so much control is just amazing.

Wolfowitz & 40 neocons wrote a strong letter to Obama demaning an attck on Lybia & Obama listened to hos masters voice.

The rest is history 6 The World if it is still there in 100 years will look back on Ashkenazi Jewish power & how it destroyed this once beautiful planet.