Sunday, April 17, 2011

Israel's 'Lobbification' of Congress

By Lawrence Davidson
April 17, 2011

Lobbification is a word I have just coined for the corruptive process that bends politicians to the will of special interests – that is to the will of lobbies.

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Peter Loeb said...


A recent meeting of the "Quartet"
was scheduled to resolve problems
in the Middle East. Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton canceled the
meeting due to "scheduling

You may recall that on February
18 there was a proposal which
was considered by the UN Security
Council to condemn the State
of Israel for its recent actions.

As you know, there are fifteen
Security Council members. Five
have veto power: US, UK, France,
China, Russia.

All voted to condemn Israel but
one: The US (at the behest of its
client, Israel) vetoed the proposal
so the proposal died.

Its precise wording is unknown as
it was effectively eliminated from
history by the US veto.(On purpose)

According to information, President
Obama will give an address on
the Middle East in a few weeks.

I fail to comprehend how the US
can consider itself a "mediator"
as it provides regular military
assistance to only one of the
parties, Israel. It also provides
large amounts of so-called "charity" to the Jewish-only
"settlements" in the occupied
territories (West Bank & Gaza).

(The areas were, of course, already
"settled". By Palestinians.)

The "deadline" is September,2011.

Interestingly enough, there is
also an election which may occurr
in Palestine, also scheduled for

As you probably are aware, there
is currently no "President" of
Palestine. The term of office of
Mahamoud Abbas expired on January
9, 2009.

That's over two (2) years ago.

Evidently "scheduling difficulties"
prohibited filling this position
for over two years. Abbas has
incorrectly been identified as
"President" of Palestine which he
is not in US media.

Anyway, relax! You don't have to
worry! The State Department is in
close touch with JOSH BLOCK.

And who, you may ask, is JOSH

JOSH BLOCK is now a "Senior
Fellow" of an orgqanization called:


And what is this "Progressive
Policy Institute"? I don't know.
How is it funded? Who is it?

And Mr. Block was formerly a
spokesperson for the Israeli lobby in the US, AIPAC.

So you can see that things are
completely under control.

The US, a beligerent, is in
charge of the entire process.

Incidentally, I presume that you
have marked May 2 on your calendars.

That is the date of the annual
conference of the Israeli lobby,
AIPAC. And guess who is coming
to dinner. Benjamin Netanyahu,
the P{rime Minister of Israel.
(barring "scheduling difficulties")

Note that the US which proclaims
its virtue in protection of human
beings around the world, has never
mentioned the slaughter of 1400
Palestinians during "Cast Lead",
the arrests of the elected GAZA
representatives (see abridged
GOLDSTONE REPORT), the demolishing
of schools, hospitals. Nor has
the US mentioned the ethnic cleansing, house destructions
which continues daily and more.

Not to mention blockades,seige,
annexation (declared illegal by the
UN) and so forth.

This is precisely where Professor
Davidson's analysis is pertinent.

(Information above is from an organization called FOREIGN POLICY
which produces a regular electronic
newsletter called "The Cable".
The article is "The Quartet meeting
that never happened." It appeared on April 15,2011)

Anonymous said...

more of davidson's quisling b.s.