Saturday, March 22, 2008

Five Years On, How to Leave Iraq

By Ivan Eland
March 22, 2008

Although the U.S. troop “surge” has had some effect, it is probably not the most important factor dampening violence back down to the levels of mid-2004.

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The Buffalo In The Midst said...

Stan Goff, Feral Scholar has a plan. It's short, sweet, and it's as close as we could most likely get to "OUT NOW!"

“Declare intent and a unilateral ceasefire. Open discussions for coordination immediately with major militias who enjoy local popular support. Prepare Kuwait with transient tent city for a BIG influx of troops and vehicles next to the airport.

Throw out the embedded press (they will turn it into a circus of perceived US humiliation).

Orders to leave everything non-essential. Prepare to destroy-in-place lethal armaments that are not carried. Begin pre-positioning convoy support.”

Set up tactical air support corridors from base to base leading south, and run serial convoys with massive force (base to base) to Kuwait, reprovisioning at each base from pre-positioned logistical stores.

Vehicles that break down for more than two hours would be destroyed-in-place with thermite (an incendiary that melts the engines).

Airlift the remaining troops from the bases into Kuwait. Airlift all from Kuwait to the US. Establish airlift security at each base with whichever militia enjoys the most local popular support.

Whole process: one month to get into Kuwait, a couple more to complete the redeployment out of Kuwait.”

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