Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patrick's Day & Irish Resistance

By Daniel Patrick Welch
March 16, 2008

But it needn't be so. The holiday offers up an incredible opportunity to expose children (and adults, of course) to the history of struggle of a courageous people -- England's first and last colony -- and, by extension, to shed light on the legacy of colonization and imperialism and the universal nature of popular resistance.

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lokywoky hussein said...

Thank you for this article. As a person of mostly Irish descent (FitzGerald and Croghan) I am heartily sick of the beer-guzzling stereotypes of the Irish. There is a reason Irish songs all have an undercurrent of sadness in them - and the 'struggles' and the history (potato famines etc) along with the use of the country as a punching ball needs to be explored and recognized, and Daniel Patrick Welch so aptly describes.

Again, thank you.