Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama's Passportgate: Historical Echo

By Robert Parry
March 21, 2008

Five presidential elections ago, when another George Bush was in the White House and when Bill Clinton was the Democratic nominee, State Department officials conducted an improper search of Clinton’s passport files, an echo of the current case in which Barack Obama’s passport files were penetrated three times this year.

The State Department announced on March 20 that two State Department contractors were fired and a third disciplined for accessing Obama’s files. Based on preliminary information, it was unclear what the motive of the Obama search was.

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Anonymous said...

"...Based on preliminary information, it was unclear what the motive of the Obama search was. ..."

What is the preliminary information? I know. I'm lazy. I guess I'll go lookin'.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Michael Steele?"

fact checker said...

Congratulations! You got through an entire article without blaming Hillary Clinton.

teri said...

hypothetical scenario:
incident 1: oppo research by Clinton campaign, covered up.
incident 2: oppo research by contractor with Republican connections, covered up to keep #1 from surfacing.
incident 3: temp sharing Obama's birthday checking to see where he was when she was born, parties interested in concealing #1&2 no longer employed by the agency. Toothpaste squirts.
Who held those contracts, anyway?

everybody does it! said...

So, now Condi Rice says that Hillary Clinton's passport file was breached, too, in 2007. was John McCain's. (Not to be left out....)

Maybe what we have here is a small group of highly-curious, but low IQ, government employees who just couldn't resist taking a peek.