Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hillary's Problems with the Truth's Editors
March 22, 2008

To the dismay of some Hillary Clinton supporters, has noted a disturbing trend in the candidate’s handling of the truth, as she and her advisers have exaggerated her accomplishments and sometimes distorted Barack Obama’s words.

The Washington Post reached a similar conclusion in awarding Sen. Clinton the maximum of “four Pinocchios” for telling a “whopper” in her claims about derring-do during her 1996 trip to war-torn Bosnia.

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John Edwards fan said...

Well, Senator Obama has clearly demonstrated his willingness and perfected ability to play fast and loose with the truth, too.

Take the Pastor Wright imbroglio -- he looked into the television cameras, stared at the nation, looked into the eyes of the citizens he charms with words of change and hope, and claimed he was unaware of the fiery pastor's words.

But, the record showed that the had been advised by David Axelrod a year ago that he'd undoubtedly have to distance himself from Wright because of his anti-American sermons.

Mr. Parry, you can write 'til Kingdom Come about the problems with the truth as they pertain to Hillary, but that facts are that Obama has outright lied, time and again, on topics where telling the truth would have been a simple decision.

But, no...rather than being truthful, he chose to lie. What kind of man, what kind of person, will intentionally lie soley for his political advantage?

Obama has a problem with the truth. Your hatred for Hillary Clinton is blinding you.

Mindy in Moab said...

Rev Wright was quoting US Ambassador Peck's Sept 2001 appearance on Fox News in the "Coming home to roost" sound byte cherry picked from this sermon. The more I research the Reverend Wright and watch the complete sermons, I am convinced this is typical Rovian politics, just this time it is HRC and Mark Penn tactics. This is a non story spun and spoonfed by the media for infotainment purposes.

Anonymous said...

If someone wanted to take the time to read, they would find there are many more lies she has told and truth's that she has stretched. Also, more often than not, she accuses her opponents of doing just what she has done herself or is doing herself.
This is not new,this is how the Clinton's do business and run campaign's. What surprises me is that it would be so easy for any and all of the press to expose her completely, however, they will just bring out a little bit here and there about her and her husband.
Have they ever been truthful?

Anonymous said...

I remember, months ago, Obama made the remark that he did not agree with Rev.Wright on all things, however, he was close to him as he has been in his life for so long.
So the fact that Obama does not agree with everything Wright says or all of his belief's is not new.
Yet, some people are acting like it is.

My husband and I have been together for 36 years. There were things that we did not agree about then and things we don't agree about now. For 36 years he has been religious while I remain spiritual. You can be close to someone without taking on all of their beliefs, you can be with them 340 days a year and still hold true to what you believe.

For those who cannot, I say, you really didn't have beliefs you only had opinion's.

Just for the sake of argument let's say Obama has told 3 lies during this campaign. That doesn't hold a candle to Clinton. She has been caught in one lie after the other for 35 years.

Let's not forget that as president and First Lady, Clinton's lied under oath. But, if you want to believe that they speak the truth that is certainly your right.

I am a 55 year old white woman who has been watching the Clinton's getting into one mess after the other for way too long.
People who are willing to be honest know that I am speaking the truth.

I wish Obama would have come out with the differences between him and his pastor/reverend, before someone else did, but, I still feel he is the best person for the job. People who have known him for years still speak highly of him. People who have only known him for a few years speak highly of him. I don't know him on that level,however, I do know that you can put faith in what people say about someone they know, especially when it is the majority of people and they are saying the same things.

People who know the Clintons are talking also, and have been, but it is not the majority saying what great people they are. Many people who have had to deal with them, work for them, or used to be friends with them are saying very negative things. With my own eyes,I have witnessed how quick they are to anger. Bill and Hillary both have very nasty tempers. This is a fact.

concerned citizen said...

Wow. Once again, Obama supporters demonstrate their emotional "beliefs" and their hatred for Hillary.

We're doomed.

john edwards supporter said...

Just for the sake of argument let's say Obama has told 3 lies during this campaign. That doesn't hold a candle to Clinton. She has been caught in one lie after the other for 35 years.

Would you be so kind as to offer proof of your claims?

Otherwise, your comment is worthless.

ladybroadoak said...

I am an innocent victim of the US War on Drugs, living in exile. Why not ask me and the other others who were caught up in the Clinton's dragnet what we think of the Clinton's "truth" -

- like survivors from WACO
- or ask a few people living on Pine Ridge about the Clinton honesty
- or some people in Khazkstan about Frank Giustra/the Clintons that are currently mining uranium there
- or Red Guard militia who dug fiber optic cables in China who know who owned the companies that enslaved them
- or those who bought Chinese manufactured goods at Walmart labelled Made in America.
- then there is the Peter F. Paul case, yet to go to court
- and and and

As for Obama - nice of him to mention the SLAUGHTER of the US indigenous peoples; I was so not impressed.

There are more ways of "lieing" than simple out and out pork pies, sometimes DECEIT takes the form of "serious omissions"

If Obama has NOT read Executive Order 12909 now E O 13303 mach 2, I suggest he take a look - or has he?

Basically the Clinton's ruined my life, and I surely do not suspect that Obama would chance significantly to the better.

A War on Drugs victim. Truly a victim. And still filled with anxiety.

So much for human rights ..